Monday, June 23, 2008

Getting ready to hit the road

In the last few days I have squeezed in some quality time working on the R100 that will carry me (and Ann in some places) on our July trip. I ordered and received a new sealed battery as mine was 5 years old and I was not interested in gather statistical data on failure of old Panasonic batteries in the desert of Colorado or Kansas. The starter had seen 150,000 miles so it to got swapped out. I added the brake light flasher (blinks 5 times when applying the brakes before staying on just to annoy drivers enough to hang up their cell phones) that I bought last summer and never could decide what bike to install it on. It was so easy I will order one for the Hawk and the R60. I got our local welder to fix a broken mounting tab on the rear rack mounts so my stuff will be safe and sound. He did a great job.

I removed the sidecar sub-frame so Ann can put her feet on both footpegs and I can turn to the right without dragging the sub-frame on the pavement like last year. I lock-tighted the right carb spigot into the head ending a slight air leak that allows the bike to idle smoothly again. New plugs installed and off for a ride before the rains hit us. It was great. The punch list is getting done.

I had a friend from church come over on his R60/2 (like my 1968 bike) and we played with toys in the garage and compared bikes. He has had his for over 30 years and has a lot of miles on it, including a 14,000 mile summer trip back in the day. It is good to see another person riding the old bikes. I should have taken a photo of him and the bike.

I am ready for the trip, the bike is almost ready, and the time is coming up for hitting the road. I will try and blog with photos and maybe even some audio.

Now, to replace the fork oil that was forced out by one of those huge potholes on US 40 in Baltimore two years ago .... Oh, and install headlight relays from the old fairing if I have time. And the driving lights ...

Where is my tent anyway? Don't forget the kitchen knife (I have 6 in the drawer that I have bought on each long trip as I always forget one) and this time I am taking a grapefruit spoon too as I love grapefruit for breakfast and they are not commonly available in restaurants. Got a corkscrew in every tankbag, so I won't forget that.

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