Thursday, June 9, 2011

ZAMM2011 Ride News

ZAMM2011 Ride Details coming soon!

I have exciting news to share after all this time. I posted last time that I was interested in a way to share this ride experience with military families that are having a tough time. I felt, and still feel, that we can make a difference in the lives of at least a couple of families and I have to say that every single person I have talked to about this has been supportive.

However, the task of identifying the right people to benefit from the fund-and-awareness raising is not easy. Collecting the funds without a 501(c)3 IRS designation is troublesome on many levels. Working with an existing agency is possible, but several I looked at were doing something other than my vision, and I did not feel right about it. And then, just as I decided to abandon the support idea, in the strangest place,, was a mention of an agency that was not known to me and that I never noticed in a Google search.

I spent a few days seeking info on this agency and then contacted them asking someone to call me to discuss my ride idea. They called and all looks good. I am awaiting financials before I reveal the name to you all to consider becoming a part of the solution. Spending some time on their web site as I have done will give you a intimate view of how too many of our military families are doing. It is my plan to meet some of the bike-riding members along the route as well so you may see and hear the stories of meeting interesting new friends this July.

In communications news is a special email address that I will be using on this ride, ZAMM is my shortcut for "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance," the book that describes the route of the St. Paul to San Francisco portion of this 7500 mile ride.

The bike has cleaned up electrical system with not one, but three, fuses (original bike had none!) and rear directional signals on the old Craven hard bags. My daughter is a skilled seamstress and she designed and my wife assembled, bag liners for the hard bags to make it easier to load and unload each day. They came out really nice and next time we really know how to make them.

The bike picture at the top of the page is what the bike looked like in it's "Sunday going to meeting" dress-up clothes. I have converted it to working clothes and will post a picture of it in the next post when I get the seat back on. It is kind of like it's 2005 setup but with a dual seat instead of the solo seat and higher handlebars.

I have replaced the front brakes, trued up the front wheel so it is now round and straight and even added a cosmetic touch, stainless steel "hub caps." They make the rest of the bike look a little shabbier, but the wheels look nice.

Fresh grease on the bearings completes that part of the bike. The carburetors got really cleaned and reassembled and after a few test rides are now adjusted pretty well. I have a squeek in the rear springs that I'd like to eliminate as I have no radio to turn up louder, but that is about all. Oh, I have a new seat cover I might as well install as the one on there is nearing 50 years old. My butt is older than that, but I found no new ones for sale on ebay!

I will be posting my estimated arrival dates in the next post. I am looking for affordable (learned that word from my wife) places to sleep, camp or eat, and to enjoy good company at meals so if you want to be a part of this adventure and are near the routes on the map in the last post, let me know at

And finally in a day or so I will be putting up a link that you may use to support the official ride partner. Don't let me be alone on the ride!

Lesson Learned: Often when one gives up their own solution the right solution presents itself. I have learned this one before, but I am forgetful!


Anonymous said...

Post plenty of photos Ron.

Happy motoring,
Scott Sturdy

pattianne053 said...

Don't forget to email me the press release I want the paper there when you come roaring up to E.E. Streets VFW in Easton.

Good Luck send photos to so we can use them.