Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The old bike runs again!

Rick and I wasting time last year
On June 28th of last year I wrote this entry about my 1968 BMW R60/2 failing just before departure time for last July's big trip.  My friend Rick, who owns a similar old BMW, spent a lot of hours trying to get it running, but to no avail.

It was a failure of a part of a modern electronic ignition system and for over a year that bike sat in my house awaiting a final fix.  I ordered and procrastinated installing a new wiring harness (yes, BMW still sells parts for the old bikes) and after installing it the same failure was persisted.

An internet friend in California imports and supports these electronic ignition systems, which also provide 12 volts for better lighting (and charging gadgets like GPS, ham radio, cell phones) and making replacement bulbs much easier to find along the road.  Anyway, after many emails and shipping parts back and forth, today the bike started.  It is a happy day as I will now be able to ride that bike to Vintage Motorcycle Days at Mid-Ohio sports car track next week. Amazing that after sitting a year, it took only two kicks to get it running once that spark returned. Darned little black boxes.

I have many last minute fixes to complete and will take a test ride this weekend to make sure it is up for the ride. I know that I am!

Not only did this happen today, but we got electricity and water back at our home after more than a week without as a result of the Derecho on June 30th.  Reminded me of our years in Haiti, but houses here are not designed to live in without power. Many friends were gracious to let us use their water and bath facilities

Lessons Learned: 

Be patient - sometimes it takes longer than you expect [to fix bike/get power restored].

Recognize the partners in your quest.

Enjoy the process - disregard the frustration.

Look forward to riding it.  Yes, that is the goal.

Don't forget where that screw came from after 12 months.

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