Saturday, July 3, 2010

On the road - tracked

After a few delays I got on the road yesterday at about 9:30 and traveled directly to the Frog and PenguInn in historic and romantic Onley. I took US 460 and US 13, the Bay Bridge-Tunnel (which is really nice on a bike) and had an interesting experience only at the toll booth. The toll taker asked me how much a motorcycle with a sidecar had to pay. Having no idea she called her supervisor on the phone to ask that question. The answer, in case anyone is interested is $12, the same as a car. The crossing was nice, perfect weather and sea birds flying along at about 40 mph just above my eye level.

It took 10:30 to get here, 6:30 moving the rest goofing off. Got lost once in Norfolk, just a few minutes of backtracking to realize it was a signage issue.

Had a great dinner outside with the Inn keepers, followed by too much remembering the old days. Makes the old neurons ache!

Today was the USA Birthday parade, a great old fashioned town event with kids riding bicycles and people walking their dogs. I did not see any cats or sea-creatures on leash. There are a lot of characters here, and my hosts knew them most-all of them. Then we went to the library book sale and few thrift stores. Got more books I'll likely never read - some are for gifts.

If you want to follow my travels electronically I am tracking my self via ham radio. Clicking on the red dots give you a little more info like speed, temperature and even the battery voltage on the bike, as well as little messages I may change from time to time. Not everyplace I will travel will have a repeater to relay my little signal to a station that gets it to the internet, so I may disappear from time to time and reappear miles down the road.

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Anonymous said...

Would love for you to visit us if that works with your route. We'll keep the guest room at the ready. Just let us know if you have any idea when you may be coming through. There is a nice exhibit going on at The Botanical Gardens. They've added a few new things I think you'd enjoy. Safe travels and hope your adding lots of great experiences to your collection!!!
Much love,