Monday, May 12, 2008

Can't have just one bike ...

I began riding the R65 everyplace if I could. I knew it was too small for two-up touring, so I started looking for something bigger. I saw a post on the airheads list that a guy in nearby North Carolina had a high mileage bike set up for touring (I have this thing for high mileage vehicles) and it was right on the way to a training I was attending in Greenville, South Carolina. Well, it was not right on the way, but it was south of my house and so was South Carolina.

So I went and test rode it. It felt great. I told the guy I'd let him know the next week. I got back on the R65 and not 10 miles from his house, at a light in the middle of a small town, the standard BMW airhead transmission failure happened. I clicked it down into first and began moving, but it never went into second. A small spring inside the tranny failed. I guess the R65 knew I was interested in trading up. Critical Stress Detector. Anyway, I bought that old R100 and still have it. It had 104K miles on it when I bought it and I have put another 50K on it. I fit the bike just perfect and it is the only thing that fixes my back when it aches. I think it is a keeper.

I got to the training in a rental car. Bummer!

After selling the R65 to a friend, it is once again in my garage.

So now we have that comfortable two-up touring bike. We need a rode trip!

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