Monday, May 12, 2008

Re-learning to ride

I really did come back to me. About 15 miles into the 200 mile ride home I felt as if I'd been riding the week before instead of a decade ago. Gloves would have been nice. I stopped in at a country store and bought some work gloves which were better than nothing. I rode every chance I got and after some weeks decided I was brave enough to take a passenger. So me and the wife go for our first ride to look at leathers that were sold by a strange guy at a house on a Christmas tree farm. There were a lot of people there and mostly cruiser type leather. The only thing I bought was a pair of Vietnam era tropical combat boots. They were the best thing I remember form my time in the Air Force.

Ann wanted to ride as well and I was not interested in talking her to the leaf littered road and having her stall the bike a thousand times, so I sought out one the rider training programs. I figured that I might as well take the class too. It took a while to get into a class (it would have been shorter if we hadn't gone to the wrong community college the first time!) but our weekend was fun and I learned a lot. My wife learned a lot too. One thing she learned was that she was interested in not falling over. This means more than 2 wheels. What has more than 2 wheels? A sidecar rig!

So we sign up for the sidecar class. More fun than anything I'd ever done in the name of learning. Problem is, then you want a sidecar rig ...

We though it would be good for the dog - not the cow!

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