Monday, May 12, 2008

The trip: not quite

We planned the road trip for the summer of 2000. We would ride to Colorado and Kansas, maybe four corners and Taos. We were to leave on a Saturday. Everything was packed. But on Wednesday morning we got an awful call from our vet saying that our dog was injured in the highway a mile from our house. A lady that dragged him out of the highway recognized our names on the tags, called our vet and a friend who happened to be passing by took him to another nearby Vet who worked magic on him.

So our vacation was shortened. Since it would be several days of surgery and resting we did the first four days of the trip to visit my sister in Atlanta and returned home. It was a good ride, but we were happy to be home with our healing dog. We spent the next two weeks at home with Hero instead of on the road.

Today he is fine, but stays away from traffic.

But now we knew we could do it. Another time to be determined is coming up in 2008.

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