Friday, July 18, 2008

Quick post on Mesa Verde

I have the most rudimentary connectivity right now, but a word about this place. If you have never been here, get it on your list. I have no idea how the National Park Service does it, but this is a treasure and at the rate things get dropped off government funding, it might get sold to Iran. I'll post more of a story when I get time to write it, likely in a few days. I will push the photos to a website, as there are many and they tell a story. Tomorrow is Friday, I think, and I should be leaving for Dodge City. In the morning I will take the one road I have not visited, to Wetherill Mesa . Today I took two guided tours. The first to Balcony House was with the same ranger that I met at the evening talk the night before. He was great! Balcony house is the most difficult walk, lots of ladders and squeezing through tiny tunnels, but we all made it.

The second one was Cliff Palace, with a younger ranger, who was able to keep the attention of a lot of little kids and none fell off the cliff (or were pushed) so I guess she did a great job.

I met a cool couple, of course, and I need Anilia and Erica's help to get them some info, but I'll email them personally about that. Let's just say there is less than six degrees of separation.

I then walked a few self-guided trails and found the fire tower for the Mesa, called Park Point and got a good cell phone connection. I think I connected in Arizona! 8500 plus feet and a clear view in all directions. From this site I could see the extent of the forest fire damage. There are dead trees everywhere. What the fire didn't get the beetles did. But lots of new green stuff is growing here too, so it will come around.

Not to waste a minute I drove to the four corners this evening as the sun set and what a visual treat that is. Actually, quite different going west and returning to the east. I had 'that other rider' with me in the form of my shadow on the grass beside the road. I always like that.

My neighbors at the campground with many whining kids packed up and left this morning so I should get a better night sleep. I'll be making the Dodge City run tomorrow and expect to arrive in the early evening. Yeah, right! Gin soaked raisins are still doing their job and the butt is holding out fine.

Lesson learned: There are places with NO connectivity. I think that is the real reason the Ancients left here. Their kids could not IM.

OK, one little teaser photo hot off the sd chip:

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anilia said...

I love these places... soak up the feeling there and bring me some home!