Monday, July 28, 2008

We are home!

Just a quick note to let you all know that we made it home OK. The dogs were happy to see us (and we, them) and we look forward to sleeping in our own beds. The last few days in Ohio were so filled with activity that I had no time to think about writing, but I intend to write tomorrow with some reflections on our time in Ohio. It was great!

The truck did fine for the rest of the trip and while I love to ride the bike, it was nice to be together with Ann and I am especially glad I was driving when the clutch failed. I was on the bike for about 2500 miles in a week, riding in 10 states.

Many of you have heard (too many times) my stories of meeting people along the way. Well, now Ann has seen it happen and, in fact, met several special friends of her own. On one tiny Ohio town, I turned around to go back for a sign photo, got distracted by a store called HayCanvas, went in and the woman there was from the same county that we live in. She had never heard of our little town which is on the other end of the county. It appears that she went to school years ago in a building that Ann was instrumental in converting to affordable housing. Small world.

Lesson learned: A BMW R100 just fits in the bed of our picked, about 1/8 inch to spare. In fact, one has to compress the front springs in order to close the tailgate!

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