Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quick note about Saturday and today's ride

For any of you that are planning to be at the wrap party in Easton on Saturday, either to ride to Ocean City or just to enjoy the meal and whatever happens at that time, here are the details.

At 12:00 noon we should be ready to ride to Ocean City.  I am guessing 2 hours with traffic and all, and then about a half hour in Ocean City to go to the water, get hydrated for the return trip which should also take about 2 hours.

4:30 - 5:00pm back at Easton for the party/dinner put on by the ladies of the VFW.

The address is 355 Glebe Road, Easton MD 21601.  I plan to be there at 11am.

This ride has been so good on many levels and one of those levels is the people I met as I traveled and another is the people that joined in the effort virtually by reading the blog and making comments or sending me emails.  Thanks so much to each of you.

Another level is the funding generated for Not Alone.  I am hoping that at least one Not Alone member will be there Saturday - but really we are all members if we are spreading the word about helping our women and men in the services that have been in the war and have now returned to continue their lives in our communities.

I am now in Parkersburg, WV after another hot and humid day of about 300 miles from Seymour, Indiana.  Ohio has the lowest speed limits on US-50 to date, only 35 - 55 mph in most sections and lots of small towns as well.  I understand that the West Virginia section is even slower, so we shall see tomorrow.

I stopped off at Ohio University in Athens to sit under a shade tree during the hottest part of the day and a woman, Jamie, came out of Ellis Hall and asked if the bike out front was mine.  She is a rider and had a more modern BMW until someone rear ended her.  That would take the fire out of anyone!  She reminded me of another BMW legend that has a shop in the area, Ken Holt, so I rode over there and had a good time meeting him for the first time.  I got a new face shield for my helmet and some fuel line that I needed and Ken generously spent time showing me his paint operation for which he is well known in the BMW community and also about how he is using military gear designed for Afghanistan as bike riding and general outdoor use.  He has quite a collection of different pieces and I got some hands on time with it.  Like the others I met on the trip, Bob Clement of Roberts, Montana; Dave Gardner of San Francisco and Duane in the valley, he is a gentleman and a pleasure to be with.  Thanks to each of you for helping me make this ride a success!

And I have to warn you that there is another animal video on my You Tube site.  This one is dangerous - be careful.  DO NOT let your dog see this video. I am not responsible if he sees it and tears up your laptop!

It is of the famous albino squirrels in the park at Olney, Illinois.  Again, taken with a cell phone and shaky, so view at you own peril! albino squirrel of Olney, IL video

This will not become Animal Kingdom.  I promise, no more animal videos this month!


Indelible John said...

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

r_a_b said...

Wow. It's amazing what one can do with a lab rat and some Superglue. Did its mother know it was playing in the dirt and putting on a show for you? I didn't like the look of some of those plants in the shot. Kinda reminds me of stuff that grows in my yard and makes me itch. Keep safe.