Saturday, July 23, 2011

The US-50 Ride: Loneliest Road in America

I have been traveling and not had much time to blog, but tomorrow night I will be in Kansas and plan to stay for two days, and catch up on my progress.

Young drag racer
Tonight I am in Pueblo, Colorado and my friend Peter came down from Denver.  We went to the drag races where a friend of his, Pam, was running a Toyota truck powered by a 466 ci Chevy truck motor. We had a great time, including meeting this young lady and her car, originally powered by a lawn mower engine.  The powerplant in it now looks like some CNC thing from NASA, but at any rate it is quite special.

We saw her make one run down the drag strip and the thing did go!  It was towed by a dirt bike and the whole rig looked pretty professional.  I don't know how old she was but she was wearing braces and I guess she was pretty young.  Imagine what she'll be doing in ten years.

Valley Curtain location today

In the last two days I have traversed Nevada, Utah and half of Colorado.  I spent Wednesday night in Great Basin National Park and have a little video of that as soon as I figure out how to get it to You Tube.  Any Android experts please offer your help to me!

I spent Thursday night with family in Rifle Colorado, the site of the 1972 Christo Valley Curtain that both Peter and I worked on, and was the thing that got Ann interested in me - so I owe Christo big time.  Here is a picture of the site where it all happened for 28 hours so long ago.  Click on the link above to see the curtain in all it's splendor.

In the morning Peter and I plan to kayak on the Pueblo reservoir, weather conditions permitting.

Please return to see what I post in the next few days.

Lessons Learned: 1- Low humidity is a good thing (dry tent in the morning). 2-  Low humidity is a bad thing (nose is all dried out).  3- Peter and I don't know squat about drag racing.

Colorado Sky at Monarch Pass
Status:  360 miles today from Rifle to Pueblo, Colorado, 455 miles yesterday from Great Basin National Park, Nevada, through Utah to Rifle, Colorado. That is too much territory to cover in those few hours, but it was great.  I leave you with one last photo taken at the top of 11,312 foot high Monarch Pass.  This is what a Colorado sky looks like.  I love it!


VOF Johnson said...

Ron called today and we had a way too short lunch together and began trading stories! Ron & Ann have been here before since Ann's family lives here in Dodge City.

Sure was good to see you again, Ron! I always enjoy finding out what you've been up to lately!

Mom A said...

So glad you are home...