Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tracker via ham radio is now active!

New Antenna ready to roll
I have purchased an antenna at Ham Radio Outlet in Portland and I am now trackable online with the link to APRS.FI. 

At the moment it only shows the garage where the bike is parked.

I will be on the road once again in the morning, Pacific time, so try looking at my progress late in the day or Saturday.  I will be traveling through rural areas so the signal will not always make it to the internet, but as I get to California this weekend I should be getting better coverage.

Friday will take me to Grants Pass, Oregon and the next day I should be sleeping in California.


Indelible John said...

I like that you can do the street view of the tracking. Looking forward to seeing some of the roads you'll be driving along.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are having your usual fun. Just got off the tractor and thought i would check you. My Birthday today, Big 62. Wonder what old age will be like?????

anilia said...

very cool. glad I can now find you :)
Happy Birthday Mr Boyd!