Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Videos are ready to view

I am in Jefferson City, Missouri and enjoying a cool room after a very hot day.  About 500 miles from Dodge City, Kansas and temps reported on bank signs of over 100 degrees, and yes, I still wear motorcycle gear.  People do look at me in a strange way, but it really is not that much hotter than the sun beating down on bare skin.

Anyway,  let's get to the videos. Keep in mind this is unedited stuff shot on a cell phone.  I think it is pretty good, excuse the shaky action by me. I have been trying on and off to get this content to You Tube and tonight it just worked.  I guess it was the better internet connection at this hotel.  Maybe I'll learn to edit video some day.

These are not about Zen, or Motorcycles or travel or Not Alone.  These videos are about those special things one sees when they move outside their normal surrounding and pay attention.  This man is a motorcycle friend, met on the internet, but as you will see, a special guy.  Not only with the rabbits either.  We found we shared a lot of interests and views about life - but the rabbits are really special.  You will see a Chocolate Lab in the background on one video.  He eats the first and last piece of carrot and does not bother the rabbits.  Incredible!

So go enjoy a few minutes with these videos.  Feel free to send the link to friends who don't read this, I can't help smiling each time I see this stuff!


anilia said...

awesome! what a lovely soul!

r_a_b said...


I know you've had a challenge in the heat. Were those real rabbits?

OldBikeRider said...

Well, Rick, they appeared real to me, and that was before it got hot!

Anonymous said...

That is quite a get up you got there Ron... It was a pleasure meeting such a groovy dude.

Ride on,

Joe from Loogootee from Chicago